Specialty Silicone Products: EMI/RFI Silicones for Telecommunications and 5G

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the size and growth of the silicone market, which is currently valued at $16.7 billion. Experts predict that this growth will continue and reach a whopping $23.4 billion by 2026. General purpose silicones are available, but engineers and buyers also need specialized products that combine environmental resistance with shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is filling this gap in the marketplace with EMI/RFI silicones for telecommunications, satellite communications, and electronics, military, medical, automotive, and aerospace applications. With the proliferation of 5G networks, SSP’s shielding silicones are becoming increasingly important in the protection of sensitive circuits, which are susceptible to electronic noise that can degrade performance. SSP’s electrically-conductive elastomers are filled with metal or metal-filled particles and can be fabricated into O-rings and gaskets.

Since 1990, SSP has provided innovative solutions that can be customized for shielding levels, electrical conductivity, heat resistance, hardness, tensile strength, and color matching. Across many industries, SSP has a reputation for developing “Silicones that Work” and delivering them to customers with speed, flexibility, and service. That’s especially true in telecommunications, which needs EMI/RFI shielding for electronic enclosure seams, power and signal panels, and connector backshells.

“With our expertise, we make silicone elastomers that perform extraordinarily well for demanding applications,” says Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager at SSP. For example, SSP designs and manufactures customized products to meet demanding requirements, such as MILDTL-83528, a U.S. military specification for elastomeric shielding gaskets. SSP also makes silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers for harsh environments associated with fuel, oil, and seal salt exposure and for use with medical devices.

One of SSP’s most innovative products is an EMI shielding material for 5G telecommunications gaskets. SSP-2551, a nickelaluminum fluorosilicione, combines proven levels of EMI shielding and electrical conductivity with reliable resistance to galvanic corrosion, damage that occurs when two dissimilar metals are exposed to a corrosive electrolyte such as saltwater.

Part of what separates SSP from the competition is the speed, flexibility, and service it provides. “We’re not just a supplier or vendor. We’re your strategic partner,” Testo says. “On the service end, we have an incredible response time to all customer needs. Because we are the manufacturer, we mix and produce materials all in one place, allowing us to control cost and speed without requiring a minimum order,” he adds.

SSP also applies its extensive knowledge of silicone chemistry to solve sealing and insulation challenges. A recent success story demonstrates the value of its customized solutions. When a company wanted to replace a non-conductive gasket with a conductive gasket, SSP found a solution even though the original material was different and the end product needed to fit precisely and seal correctly. The company had approached other manufacturers who charged heftily for each prototype and took weeks and months in the process. But SSP made different molds for the different sections of the O-ring. For proper sizing and installation, SSP also joined the sections together using its proprietary bonding process. Moreover, the customer was provided with three different sizes. By switching from a molded product to an extruded and bonded one, the client is saving on tooling costs and getting greater value, thanks to SSP.

For over 20 years, SSP has formulated and manufactured more than 1,000 different silicone compounds. The company has been going full throttle since one of the industry’s most experienced elastomer chemists, Dr. Sarah Lewis, joined SSP’s team as R&D manager two years ago. Although there is currently a global silicone shortage, SSP’s line of conductive elastomers is going strong. “We hope to help customers who are looking for new suppliers because other companies may not have planned for the silicone shortage like we did,” says Testo.
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Specialty Silicone Products

Specialty Silicone Products

Ballston Spa, NY

Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager

Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. (SSP) makes electrically-conductive silicones that combine environmental resistance with protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). SSP’s EMI/RFI elastomers are available with third-party shielding reports and certifications from the company’s in-house quality assurance (QA) laboratory. SSP was founded in 1990 and is an ISO 9001:20115 certified company. Since 1990, SSP has provided innovative solutions that can be customized for shielding levels, electrical conductivity, heat resistance, hardness, tensile strength, and color matching.