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Top 10 Radio Frequency RF Devices Companies - 2021

Radio Frequency (RF) technology today is incorporated into almost everything that transmits or receives a radio wave across the entire RF spectrum (3 kHz to 300 GHz), including mobile phones, radios, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The rapid progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless connectivity in recent years has increased the demand for RF specialists and RF engineers.

Among several technologies that make the dream of autonomous cars a reality is a combination of sensors and actuators, sophisticated algorithms, and powerful processors. These cars rely on a 360-degree view and a LIDAR (Light and Radar) system with an operating frequency of 77 GHz, which has good RF propagation characteristics and provides enough resolution.

Moreover, the 5G revolution is shaping up to be the biggest development in the field of RF. With the help of 5G and RF, lightning-fast coverage is now made possible at microwave frequencies, which were previously used only for military and satellite applications. At the same time, the RF and microwave space

continues to move toward technologies with higher levels of integration and flexibility to enable multiple use sub-systems. Technology companies designing and manufacturing RF components will play a critical part in adopting the new 5G standards and ensuring these devices fit in with new networks.

As such, the technological transitions in the arena open up a universe of new possibilities for RF technology solution and device providers to develop and introduce innovative solutions. This implies that businesses looking for competent solutions have to choose from a plethora of options.

In order to help CIOs find the solution that best suits their needs, Telecom Tech Outlook has examined and selected the leading-edge RF technology solution and device providers and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the RF technology arena.

We present to you Telecom Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Radio Frequency RF Devices Providers - 2021”.

    Top Radio Frequency RF Devices Companies

  • Building on four decades of experience in the design and manufacture of SAW enabled low-power RF products, RFMi is designing, developing, and marketing advanced SAW filters and resonators; Crystal components (Xtal, TCXO, VCTCXO, Xtal filters, etc.); Dielectric filters; Patch antennas and Chip antennas; and certain front-end modules that include LNA and SAW filters. All of them are widely used to obliterate wireless communication barriers and frequency-related challenges to facilitate smooth exchange of information across automotive, industrial, medical implant, telehealth and telecom industries.In addition, RFM offers ceramic DR filters, selected BAW filters and low-temperature cofired ceramic filters and diplexers (LTCC filters and diplexers), mostly for higher frequency applications


  • Bird Technologies

    Bird Technologies

    For nearly 75 years, Bird Technologies has been the industry standard in radio frequency product reliability. The importance and definition of "reliability" can range from precision and accuracy to longevity and clarity. The more crucial the objective, the more important Bird, is as a decision. The Company commitment to dependability and the understanding of customer requirements ensure that "you're heard, loud and clear."Bird is renowned as an RF communication, measurement, and management expert, offering new RF products, systems, services, and educational solutions to the wireless sector

  • EMAG Technologies Inc.

    EMAG Technologies Inc.

    EMAG Technologies Inc. creates and sells revolutionary software and hardware solutions for radio frequency (RF) and wireless system and device analysis, characterization, and diagnostics. The Company's integrated simulation software tools and non-invasive field measurement instruments give unique new insight into the inner workings and hidden intricacies of high-frequency devices and sensors, RF systems, and substantial wireless networks to designers and test & evaluation engineers

  • GigaTera Communications

    GigaTera Communications

    With over 25 years of expertise in the wireless infrastructure business, GigaTera Communications has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology for its partners. The AIS devices from GigaTera are built with the consumer in mind. GigaTera offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G ORAN hardware components with open interfaces. GigaTera devices enable operators to respond to ever-changing market needs while expanding their network easily



    MACOM creates high-performance semiconductor devices for the telecommunications, industrial, defense, and data center industries. MACOM serves approximately 6,000 clients each year with a diverse product range, including RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal, Microwave, and Optical semiconductor technologies. MACOM has about 70 years of application knowledge, operating sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has several design centers, Si, GaAs, and InP fabrication, production, assembly, and test

  • Midwest Microwave Solutions

    Midwest Microwave Solutions

    Midwest Microwave Solutions creates cutting-edge, high-performance RF tuner and digitizer devices for SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, and SDR applications. MMS RF devices include small high dynamic range front ends with adjustable frequencies ranging from 100kHz to 70GHz and inbuilt preselect filters and low noise, quick tuning synthesizers. MMS is founded on the knowledge and skills of individuals who have a lengthy track record of success in designing receivers for US Government and Intelligence projects. MMS is an active participant in the SOSA Consortium

  • NextGen RF Design, Inc.

    NextGen RF Design, Inc.

    NextGen RF Design, Inc. is a privately held engineering services firm based in the United States that offers important wireless design experience on a wide range of products, from design advice to complete turnkey product development. The manufacturing facility at NextGen RF provides clients with fast access and assistance for high mix, low to NextGen RF focus on process-oriented engineering, beginning with discovery and idea development and progressing through the formulation of product requirements and specifications, design, verification, and, finally, factory introduction

  • Quintech Electronics

    Quintech Electronics

    Quintech Electronics is a market leader in RF signal management devices. Quintech designs and manufactures RF matrix switches, routers, lab management and automation software, redundancy switches, relay switches, splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and DC was powering equipment. These items are available for the L-band, IF-band, Broadband, and Wireless frequencies utilized in the Satellite, Broadcast, Government/Military, and Wireless Test & Measurement markets

  • Radiall


    Radiall Corp is a manufacturer of connectors and related components for electronic applications. The company is recognized as a major provider in the Aerospace Industry for the high-quality connection components and creative solutions for severe situations. Because of the company's global presence, they can provide local assistance to all major aircraft manufacturers. Radiall is a proven pioneer of devices for a wide range of military and defense applications, including hand-held and man-pack radios, low-power base stations, and other battlefield technology

  • Radio Frequency Systems

    Radio Frequency Systems

    RFS is a wireless infrastructure pioneer. RFS (Radio Frequency Systems) is a global cable and antenna system designer and producer and active and passive RF conditioning. RFS provides services to OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators, and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land-mobile, and microwave markets. RFS offers cutting-edge technical skills, exceptional field support, and creative product design as an ISO-compliant corporation with production and customer service locations worldwide